Experienced, Professional, Motivated, Creative

As an IT professional with over two decades of experience, I have developed a diverse and versatile skill set that enables me to excel in various roles and domains. I have worked with a wide range of technologies, frameworks, processes, and strategies, and I have successfully delivered and managed multiple projects from inception to completion.

My hands-on involvement in every stage of the project lifecycle has given me valuable insights and experiences that help me align my work with the overall vision and goals of the organization. I am always eager to learn new or different ways of doing things, and I constantly seek out new information and opportunities to expand my knowledge and skills.

I am passionate about using technology to enhance and enrich lives. I have experience in automating and streamlining tasks, implementing privacy and security measures, creating and managing online communities, and analyzing and optimizing data to achieve desired outcomes. I also enjoy volunteering my time and expertise to help entrepreneurs with their web needs, such as strategy, design, development, content, and hosting.


Professional Summary of a Versatile Developer

As a self-motivated, creative problem solver with a high aptitude and desire for learning new technologies and best practices, I have developed, maintained, and applied my knowledge to various real-world scenarios and projects. I use my experience and skills to guide my decision making and planning processes, as well as to enhance my competence and effectiveness.

I began my career as a front-end developer, where I mastered building dynamic, data-driven websites. I then expanded my expertise to the middleware and back-end aspects of the development process, improving my front-end development skills. I also learned how to manage and secure a company network, servers, systems administration, printers, phone systems, and more.

At first, I was reluctant to take on so many different roles. However, this has exposed me to a wide range of technologies, processes, security practices, and business aspects that I would not have encountered otherwise. It has also challenged me to be resourceful and creative in finding solutions on my own. The variety of tasks has kept me engaged and interested, and prevented me from feeling stuck or bored in any single area of my duties.


Bringing Value To Organizations

I enjoy working with a diverse range of clients, from well-known brands to promising startups and everything in between. Each project brings its own set of challenges, goals, and solutions that require creativity and adaptability. My aim is to always deliver a high quality project that not only meets the client’s needs and expectations, but also surpasses them, while staying within the scope, budget, and timeline.