Disciplines and Skills of a Seasoned Veteran

Being a self-motivated, creative problem solver with a high aptitude and desire for learning new technologies and best practices, allows me to develop, maintain, and confidently incorporate my knowledge into real-world scenarios and projects. Years of experience has exposed me to many different technologies, frameworks, and development processes. I draw upon that experience and knowledge to help guide my decision making process and raise my overall level of competence and effectiveness.

As An IT Director...

I have overseen all IT functions, operations, implementations, and security of new systems and policies regarding multiple networks, servers, systems, peripheral devices, disaster recovery plans, and more. I have researched, procured, coordinated, implemented, and integrated a wide-array of technologies, solutions, tools, and vendors based on various requirements, budgets, infrastructures, and timeframes. I have helped onboard new hires by creating new accounts, managing and maintaining access priviliages, and setting up environments that allow others to work and accomplish their daily tasks as well.

As A Full Stack Developer...

I have experience and skills sets in many different disciplines that support and augment each phase in the web development life cycle. I have designed and developed countless front-end projects including custom CMS solutions, seo best practices, wrote middleware applications to retrieve, manipulate, and store data, as well as wrote back-end server-side code and queries to process data from various database platforms. I have studied and helped to conduct usability studies, user experience, human computer interaction, information architecture, and more front-end development techniques, theories, technologies, code, applications, and integrated development environments.

Big and Small

I have been fortunate enough to work with clients of all sizes, each presenting their own unique challenges, varied goals, and requiring their own elegant and appropriate solutions. From household names to emerging small businesses and others in between, a portion of the project goals are typically the same: Consistently deliver a high quality project experience that not only accomplishes the objectives - but also exceeds expectations while meeting requirements, budgets, and deadlines.

Case Study
A Look Into a Typical Work Day

Wearing many different hats has not only helped expose me to new and different roles, but has also challenged me to be resourceful in finding answers and creative solutions on my own. The role change has also helped to break up my day and keep things interesting so I don't feel pigeon holed or as if I am stagnating in a single area of my duties.

My time is fairly evenly split among different duties depending on the priority of tasks I have ahead of me at the time. Being prepared and organized helps give me an ability to quickly switch between roles and is paramount to me accomplishing my tasks in the most effecient manor possible - allowing me to become involved in and deliver more projects.

I have also been involved with a team that helps disadvantaged local small businesses by donating my time and skills. We meet with business owners to determine how my skills and time can best help their business situation - usually by designing, developing, and hosting their website and offering input on possible ways to use their website to help promote their business, streamline their workload, and accomplish other specific goals.