Over the 10+ years, I have come to gain extensive knowledge and experience in many aspects of the production lifecycle, which I continue to improve on with each new project. My work experience and ethic has allowed me to become very proficient in many of the skill sets I maintain and has taught me the importance of striving to learn more.

Employment History

Company: IconATG
Employment Dates: August 2000 - Present
Position Held:
Senior Web / Application Developer & Network Administrator
My role in the company has grown well beyond the initial position I was hired for. It has helped me to achieve a deeper understanding of the skills I currently possess. What I believe to be "taking it to the next level" by understanding how my code / scripts interacts with the other intricacies that comprise and complete a web site / application, system, network, etc.

I am responsible for implementing and maintaining company and client web sites / applications, networks, and providing support. Common daily functions include:

  • Scripting and programming of web sites and applications with various languages such as HTML, DHTML, XHTML, CSS 1 & 2, JavaScript, ActionScript, PHP, ASP, Java, Velocity, C#.NET, VB, MySQL, SQL, and various DOS (or command line) languages
  • Database creation and maintenance
  • Network administration such as Exchange, Active Directory, DNS, managing firewalls, maintaining backups, and installing new software and hardware
  • Audio and video editing
  • Design and information architecture

Company: Third Eye Media Production Co.
Employment Dates: January 1999 - August 2000
Position Held:
Web Site Developer & Senior Flash Animator
My primary role in the company was to translate designs for the Internet (i.e. make web sites), while acting as a liaison and implementer between middleware and back-end teams. I worked closely (sometimes directly) with clients to help evaluate and achieve the project goals while providing a realistic assessment of the efforts and technologies required to complete the project.

I was responsible for implementing and maintaining company and client web sites, researching and learning newly emerging technologies and applications, helping to provide a new branding image for the company, and creating interactive CD-ROMS. Common daily functions included:

  • Scripting and programming of web sites and CD-ROM projects with various languages such as HTML, CSS 1, JavaScript, ActionScript, Lingo, MySQL, and various DOS (or command line) languages
  • Designing and scripting new Flash animations including a puzzle game I created
  • Audio and video editing
  • Creating interactive and self-installing CD-ROM projects

Company: Freelance Designer and Developer
Employment Dates: January 1995 - December 1998
Position Held:
Contract & Freelance Designer and Developer

  • Designed and developed websites, brochure sites, presentations, and CD-ROM projects typically utilizing a wide variety of client-side technologies.
  • Developed interactive CD-ROMs and self-installation applications such as shortcuts automatically installed on the systems main menu.
  • Server and network administration as well as web statistic monitoring.

If you would like to some details and examples of my experience in action, please visit my portfolio and select a case study.