IconATG (v.1.0 - v.3.0)

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(some sites no longer exist)
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My Portfolio

Project: IconATG (v.1.0 - v.3.0)
Project URL: www.iconatg.com

Project Overview:
IconATG is a global leader in information technology professional services, providing advanced training, consulting and full-scale project implementation.

There have actually been 5 versions of the website, though I am not posting them all. This is the current company I work for, if you would like more information, please visit my experience.

My Role:
I currently maintain the entire network, which includes all of our websites, web and email servers, DNS, ActiveDirectory, Firewalls, and more. I also serve as the companies technical support by providing help to users and clients, installing software and hardware, and maintaining a healthy network. I designed and programmed the entire website with no other assitance as well as maintain and update the site with new features and more.

All new business from an Internet related perspective is ultimately managed and implemented by myself.

Version 1.0:

Version 2.0: