Wear-Dated (v.1.0 - v.3.0)

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Project: Wear-Dated (v.1.0 - v.3.0)
Project URL: www.weardated.com

Project Overview:
The Wear-Dated division of Solutia, Inc. originally came to us requiring a complete solution from the ground up, built from scratch. Eventually, the project consisted of 3 major iterations (v.1.0, v.2.0, & v.3.0).

The first major iteration (v.1.0) included a complete design and programming of their public website, which was comprised of administration screens to update various data in real time. Features in this version included data-driven press releases, carpet searches, support, and more.

The second major iteration (v.2.0) included an over-haul of the website that incorporated a complete re-design and re-programming of advanced features such as in-store kiosks that included RFID reading, and online design & search tools, as well as an automatically translated version of the website and applications from English to Spanish.

The third major iteration (v.3.0) included another slight re-design as well as implantation of new features such as new and enhanced user experiences, search tools and capabilities, as well as new design and planning tools.

My Role:
I was intimately involved in all 3 iterations (or versions) of this project, from start to finish. The Solutia, Inc. IT teams adhered to a strict standard and compliance initiative from start to finish. Meeting all the requirements between various departments and project constraints was a daunting task that was accomplished with flying colors.

My role included programming and scripting of the entire website and application that was fully functional, while meeting the various standards and deadlines the project required. I also implemented all graphic and content translations in the website and helped build various features and user experiences through-out the entire website.

The project utilized various technologies, skills, and languages such as the .NET platform, C#.NET, ASP.NET, HTML 4.0 mixed with XHTML, CSS 1, JavaScript, Flash production, and ActionScript. Common tools used were Visual Studio .NET, HomeSite & Dreamweaver, and Flash.

Version 1.0:

Version 2.0