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Project: Collegiate VIP
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Project Overview:
I was contacted by an old partner, that now owns and runs Integrity Corporation, to program and script the designs produced in 3 days or less. The overall initial goals were to communicate, elicit contact, and empower Collegiate VIP to successfully follow-up on consumers.

From cutting up images programming the interface and providing the back-end functionality, the project challenged my skills and effectiveness in producing a fully functional system in what turned out to be just under 1 day.

My Role:
I was hired to produce the website and bring it to life from an image file to an actual functioning website and mini-system.

I received several image documents to provide me with the intitial layouts and needed graphics. From there - I cut up the graphics to suit the needs, produced the front-end code or scripting to provide the interface and some client-side functionality.

I then implemented back-end coding and functionality to provide the use of forms, recording information, automated email responsed based on user details, and more.

Initially, I already knew I had a tight deadline, and although the designs didn't lend themselves to Internet production. I managed to utilize my professional techniques to mimic the designs and still produce a fully functioning, scalable, and user-friendly website / system.

All that and a bit more including revisions in just 28 hours! I was even proud of myself!